Monday, June 25, 2007

Cutest EVER!

This is Isaiah Grace's pool face.

She was so cute last week when Bekah and her and I went to their neighborhood pool.
Cutest thing in it!
Those Nyse girls are my fav-o-rite.


Monday, June 18, 2007

What even...

...does this even mean?!?!

Moma, Jeanne, and I went shopping this afternoon and on the way home, sitting in traffic on Polk Street, we stumbled across this little jewel of a saying.

"Wisdom is not attained by years but by ability"

Wisdom is attained by how able you are?
Your ability is how able you are to do something.
Is it saying your ability to learn.
Now I'm confused.
Maybe wisdom is beyond my abilities.

This started a long discussion and we decided quickly that this quote was very insulting to disabled people. Are they forever banished from being wise because their lack of ability?
Interesting concept... seems wrong.

We would LOVE to hear your interpretations...


The "fab five" all got together last night for the first time this summer.
We went to Stone Mountain for a picnic and to view the ever-entertaining, never-changing lazer show! It's amazing how a lame summer tradition can be so much fun when you add good friends and food.
Anyways, the show was scheduled to start and 9pm so we got there at 7:30 to get a good seat and eat and throw the football. At about 7:45 when we had our blanket and food laid all out, it started trickle and by 8:00 it was POURING rain. Welp, we're all soaking wet (except for smart, prepared Lauren with her red bulldogs umbrella... so sassy) why don't we go play football?!
Leah, Katie F and I got soaking wet and Katie and I very muddy so we decided it would be an ok thing to jump in the little lake in front of the mountain (yeah, the one where several people have drowned over the years).
At about 9:15 the rain stopped completely and we took our seats for the lazer show.
What a fun memory.
The coolest part of the rain was watching it pour over the side of the mountain like little tiny waterfalls. It bounced off General Lee's (?) horses back.
And all along the smooth surface were these skinny little individual waterfalls.
It was neat, I think you had to be there.