Monday, April 30, 2007

Viva NashVegas!

I know, I know. It's day three in Nashville and I haven't posted ONCE.
Mom's been blogging for Sharliss on Katherine's website. (link to the right)
It's been a busy three days!

DAY 1 - Saturday
We left Marietta early Saturday morning and headed to Tennessee...
It was a surprisingly quick drive. Except Moma sprayed and wiped the windshield EVERY time a bug hit it. (every 5 seconds) It was pretty comical and then it became a joke. (but I knew she was serious) The woman loves a clean car... who doesn't?
When we got here Saturday afternoon, we hit the ground running.
Sharliss educated Moma and I ALL about KJ's meds. A quick grocery store visit to get the supplies we needed while Sharliss was gone... a red velvet cake mix and 4 close calls with the electric wheelchair later. We were off to visit some friends of theirs who participated in the 'Music City 1/2 Marathon' in honor of Katherine earlier that day. They all had on bright pink shirts that said "Team KJ" and on the back, our slogan "We're Going to Win". We took some pictures and visited a while. Then we went to J. Alexanders because KJ requested a steak for dinner... delicious.

DAY 2 - Sunday
Sharliss got up early for her flight to Tampa.
Us girls slept in and then went to Jason's deli for lunch. Then a trip to Target and back home for a nap. KJ slept for 5 hours! Molly (one of her dogs) chewed my toothbrush in half!) Picture soon. So then for dinner we ate Moma's delicious strawberry salad and chicken alfredo. And fell asleep watching a movie.

DAY 3 - Monday
Today we got up early (remember long nap yesterday afternoon?) and called into Vandy to see if the chemo they ordered from Europe for KJ was in... It was so we leisurely made our way over there. We went into downtown Franklin, first. We shopped around and went in lots of cute little stores. One of which was a store where they sell a bunch of homemade soaps and bath things. We all bought a little treat of some sort. KJ just finished up using hers. Smells delicious!
Then to lunch at a cute little restaurant... I forget the name. But ya'll, the coolest thing happened! When we were done with our meal, the waitress asked if we needed anything else, and I said, "no, just the check, thanks" and she said, "oh, it's been taken care of already". Wha? Someone asked to take care of our lunch and slipped out before we had even finished our meal! Wow. I was completely humbled. So sweet... what a blessing.
Then we went to Vanderbilt and Katherine got two big nasty chemo shots. She didn't even flinch. She's so strong and brave. Just completely amazing, that's all.
So after that, Moma got the great idea of calling up our good friends Kevin and Mandy Mann who live in East Nashville. We went to their house and visited for a while and then all went to get ice cream. It was SO GOOD seeing them and Mandy is beginning to show! They are having a baby boy in September and I can't wait to meet him!!!
After that we ran a few more errands and now we are sittin' our butts in front of the TV.
Lucy is in my lap and sleeping. We all will be soon...

I forgot my card reader so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for pictures.
We're heading back home tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks for all your prayers... I can feel the hedge of protection around this place.
It's been really cool to be a small, short part of.
The Arnolds are amazing!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I was tired of looking at that sick picture...

So I will inform you of the holiday many of you, I'm sure, were not aware went on yesterday. It's called - "Administrative Professionals Day". In fact, there is a whole week dedicated to this holiday. For answers to all your questions about this you can visit the site:

Employers across the world often are unsure of how best to celebrate Administrative Professionals Week® (APW). Some frequently asked questions include:
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Administrative Professionals Week:
1. Who qualifies as an administrative professional?
2. Why was the event’s name changed from "Secretaries Week"?
3. Should my secretary feel slighted by the change?
4. What is an appropriate gift of appreciation for busy assistants?
5. Should the entire administrative team receive recognition, or should it be an optional choice between each executive and assistant?
6. How can individual administrative professionals make this event meaningful, even if their employers don't recognize them during Administrative Professionals Week?

So now you know... Don't say I never taught you anything.
And I apologize if you ARE an administrative professional and you were not recognized as you deserve. You should probably come watch 'The Office' with me tonight because that would make anyone feel good about where they work...
Or at least it hopefully would. :/
Our boss bought us lunch at Applebees, so I feel completely appreciated.
Happy Administrative Professionals week!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I ate octopus

Tonight I found out that I'm a big fat wimp when it comes to trying new foods... oh, AND that I crack pretty easily under peer pressure. We went to eat dinner at a Korean restaurant on Sandy Plains Road. It was Seung Yeon's birthday (Brett's exchange student... we call him Jim) so he and a few of his Korean friends and a big group of us went to said Korean restaurant. Everyone tried something new. Kurt and I shared a pretty harmless beef and mushroom plate. The Dewhurst's had Korean BBQ, which was actually quite delicious. Jim, Arnold and Chul Won had their favorite homeland dishes. Tyler went right for the squid. And Brett had to 'one-up' everyone and go for the spicy octopus. Well, lets just say my stomach feels a little squirmy.

Isn't it funny how cultures are SO different. Yeah, sure, how we look and talk - but what we put in our MOUTH especially. I guess it all depends on you location on the planet earth. Where God has placed certain cultures and what he provides for us in that one small area of the earth and how we adapt to it. I tell you, it opened my eyes a little... my stomach A LOT.

So at the end, things are winding down... and after at least 5 minutes of persuasion on Brett's part... they finally pull the "Oh, ktb, Jim said it's the one thing he wants for his birthday." Oh great, alright - GULP. Eeewww. Thus this blog was formed.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Eventful Day

And to top it off... we walk out of Cafe Intermezzo onto Peachtree Street and it's SNOWING! I'm not talking just a few flurries people. Noticable ammounts of snowage. We were cracking up! It's snowing in April. Easter weekend to be exact. I can't believe it. I bet you don't either...
Here's a pic Annie took while hanging out my car window to prove.

Georgia weather is CrAzY!!!
I love it...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Break at the Lake

This week is Spring Break!
As you've probably already read on Annie and Marie Claire's blogs... we went to the Downs' lake house for these last several days. If you haven't read of our adventures, you should check out their blogs first, because they are way more funny than I am.
One of the highlights was the boat ride Annie took us on. She was nervous at first, but she drove that boat like a rock star. (?) I've never understood that term.
Anyway, her best quote from the weekend would have to be when we finally took off from their dock she said, "My theme for driving a boat is, 'This is my world, figure out how to live in it'."
Haha, I laughed outloud. Almost as loud as I did when Marie and I were taking pictures with Iphoto on Annie's new Mac computer. So funny.
Lake Burton is B-E-A-utiful! And their lake house is no exception. A perfect retreat. It was so good to get away from the city for a few days! Especially with some of the funniest people I know including my mother. Good times were had.
We should have gotten a group picture. That was real dumb.
But here are some that aren't on Annie and Marie's blogs already.
(except I'm still mad at Annie for posting that aweful pic of me from yesterday morning... revenge is coming Annie, mark my words.)

Our lake captain

The Downs' from the lake.

The "B.A.T.L. Prince".
We fought over who got to hold this boy ALL WEEK.
He was absolutely precious. So smart. And all smiles.
Babies make everything more fun... especially awesome ones like Jarrett.

I love this girl... she's my Marie.