Monday, April 30, 2007

Viva NashVegas!

I know, I know. It's day three in Nashville and I haven't posted ONCE.
Mom's been blogging for Sharliss on Katherine's website. (link to the right)
It's been a busy three days!

DAY 1 - Saturday
We left Marietta early Saturday morning and headed to Tennessee...
It was a surprisingly quick drive. Except Moma sprayed and wiped the windshield EVERY time a bug hit it. (every 5 seconds) It was pretty comical and then it became a joke. (but I knew she was serious) The woman loves a clean car... who doesn't?
When we got here Saturday afternoon, we hit the ground running.
Sharliss educated Moma and I ALL about KJ's meds. A quick grocery store visit to get the supplies we needed while Sharliss was gone... a red velvet cake mix and 4 close calls with the electric wheelchair later. We were off to visit some friends of theirs who participated in the 'Music City 1/2 Marathon' in honor of Katherine earlier that day. They all had on bright pink shirts that said "Team KJ" and on the back, our slogan "We're Going to Win". We took some pictures and visited a while. Then we went to J. Alexanders because KJ requested a steak for dinner... delicious.

DAY 2 - Sunday
Sharliss got up early for her flight to Tampa.
Us girls slept in and then went to Jason's deli for lunch. Then a trip to Target and back home for a nap. KJ slept for 5 hours! Molly (one of her dogs) chewed my toothbrush in half!) Picture soon. So then for dinner we ate Moma's delicious strawberry salad and chicken alfredo. And fell asleep watching a movie.

DAY 3 - Monday
Today we got up early (remember long nap yesterday afternoon?) and called into Vandy to see if the chemo they ordered from Europe for KJ was in... It was so we leisurely made our way over there. We went into downtown Franklin, first. We shopped around and went in lots of cute little stores. One of which was a store where they sell a bunch of homemade soaps and bath things. We all bought a little treat of some sort. KJ just finished up using hers. Smells delicious!
Then to lunch at a cute little restaurant... I forget the name. But ya'll, the coolest thing happened! When we were done with our meal, the waitress asked if we needed anything else, and I said, "no, just the check, thanks" and she said, "oh, it's been taken care of already". Wha? Someone asked to take care of our lunch and slipped out before we had even finished our meal! Wow. I was completely humbled. So sweet... what a blessing.
Then we went to Vanderbilt and Katherine got two big nasty chemo shots. She didn't even flinch. She's so strong and brave. Just completely amazing, that's all.
So after that, Moma got the great idea of calling up our good friends Kevin and Mandy Mann who live in East Nashville. We went to their house and visited for a while and then all went to get ice cream. It was SO GOOD seeing them and Mandy is beginning to show! They are having a baby boy in September and I can't wait to meet him!!!
After that we ran a few more errands and now we are sittin' our butts in front of the TV.
Lucy is in my lap and sleeping. We all will be soon...

I forgot my card reader so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for pictures.
We're heading back home tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks for all your prayers... I can feel the hedge of protection around this place.
It's been really cool to be a small, short part of.
The Arnolds are amazing!


tatum said...

i'm SO glad to hear that it went so well (at least the first half). and y'all got to do so much fun stuff!

i got your letter!!! :) totally made my day!

Jennie B said...

I read something recently that said one of the things people that are going through a trauma miss most is "normality" - doing normal things that normal people do. Bless you both for bring some normality and fun into their lives for a few days. You two are quite a duo...

carolineb said...

I love chasing you around new cities. You always seem to be pushing a wheelchair.

b - Funk said...

Hey, thank you for going to the lock-in. and thank you for being in the office.

I Like Eggs said...

Just saw a new Sears commercial & they are using "Mr. Blue Sky" as their new promo song. Sounds like the original from ELO. I immediately thought of you. Love ya'll, David

Kevin and Mandy, Zeal And baby Mann said...

KATIE B.....i am so glad i found your blog site...WE LOVED Seeing yall in Nashvegas. How is KJ doing??? We wonder often. If you ever want some more banana icecream....(WAIT i forgot what you ordered..but do remember you LOVE daisys) come visit again....much mann love sent your know what i mean.

JustMe said...

Hey, I actually did another post. Be proud.
And only two weeks till some little concert... said...

I found this blog by googling Viva Nashvegas and I loved the story! I hope the rest of your trip went great and that Katherine's doing well too!

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