Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I was tired of looking at that sick picture...

So I will inform you of the holiday many of you, I'm sure, were not aware went on yesterday. It's called - "Administrative Professionals Day". In fact, there is a whole week dedicated to this holiday. For answers to all your questions about this you can visit the site:

Employers across the world often are unsure of how best to celebrate Administrative Professionals Week® (APW). Some frequently asked questions include:
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Administrative Professionals Week:
1. Who qualifies as an administrative professional?
2. Why was the event’s name changed from "Secretaries Week"?
3. Should my secretary feel slighted by the change?
4. What is an appropriate gift of appreciation for busy assistants?
5. Should the entire administrative team receive recognition, or should it be an optional choice between each executive and assistant?
6. How can individual administrative professionals make this event meaningful, even if their employers don't recognize them during Administrative Professionals Week?

So now you know... Don't say I never taught you anything.
And I apologize if you ARE an administrative professional and you were not recognized as you deserve. You should probably come watch 'The Office' with me tonight because that would make anyone feel good about where they work...
Or at least it hopefully would. :/
Our boss bought us lunch at Applebees, so I feel completely appreciated.
Happy Administrative Professionals week!


ManUtd17 said...

Our firm gave each legal assistant a $100 AmEx gift card. I told my assistant that I make an effort to thank her all the time rather than wait for this one day when someone (likely from Hallmark) tells me that I have to. It's like Valentine's Day. How great are you to give flowers when the whole world is doing it? Now on August 3rd? That's love.

Jennie B said...

KTB- thanks for adding a blog and moving that picture down a few inches. I have a weak stomach and was...well...avoiding your blog until it was gone. Thank you for the much-needed information on Administrative Professionals week. Is there a ribbon I could wear on my lapel in support of that? Because I am SO for it...
I wish you were my Administrative Professional. You're the poster child for Administrative Professionals.

carolineb said...

You are my favorite Administrative Professional. You kick ass.

AmyFritch said...

I wish you were my life-assistant. Oh..wait. I think you are. You are the best at everything.