Sunday, July 29, 2007

How was your Scotland trip?

I think I decided that you will just have to ask me in person.
There's NO WAY I could begin to sum-up all that happened over the last couple weeks in one blog... or even ten blogs! I felt every emotion possible. Everything from the happiest I've ever been - watching another person coming to know Jesus as their personal Savior, to being afraid for my life. It was intense to say the least.
I told mom on the way from the Miami airport (I haven't seen my family in a month!) that it felt like I had to be on guard the whole time I was there. It was like I shifted into defense-mode like we were going to battle. Darkness all around us makes the light much brighter to those who recognize it. I am so greatful and humbled by God's plan to use this team to bring glory to him in the country of Scotland. Those youth are amazing and I can't wait to hear how God uses THEM in this next year. Seeds were planted in them that week that will not be overlooked.
There are a million awesome pictures of sweet faces and fun games, but I forgot my memory card adapter so you'll have to wait until I get back from family vacation to see them...
Annie has them up on a mac website though, I think.


Sharliss said...

Hi Lady, so very happy you are home safe and sound and now with your family, a circle of people who have been praying and thinking of you every minute while you were gone. Katie, you have seen God in action in a place that is darker than you have ever experienced. I stand amazed that you made yourself a tool to be used for His glory. Thank you for just being our "Katie". I prayed for you many times a day and I so enjoyed keeping up with you guys on the blog. Enjoy your down time with the best people in the world.

seantk said...

Ah, Scotland. That place is the best.

Have you ever listened to the Scottish band, Travis? Not only would you discover some of the finest, purest melodies this side of the Beatle river, but you'd win super-cool points with those Scot kids next time you communicate with 'em.

That post you had awhile back about the Marietta Middle School sign was great. I had seen that in person and on my friend, Matt's, blog. It's a bit of nonsense, ripe for discussion!