Saturday, March 17, 2007

Alright already, gosh!

Its been a while...
Don't blush me Annie & Moma. Just cuz I've missed a couple weeks, well, really that's pretty horrible. I would disown someone who commited such a blog felony. (blelony) That was dumb.

Anyways, I'm in St. Simons this wknd. One of my favorite places ever. With some of my favorite people ever. Here are some funny things the boys have said since I've been here Thursday night...
1) We were in the car going to return some movies. Carebears and Batman. The boys were arguing over if it was "Care-A-bears" or "Carebears". But it sounded more like "Carahbayers". Pretty funny.
2) Amy asked Eli what he wanted for breakfast and he said, "Ummmm... a gorilla bar." Ha!
3) Then at dinner Asa and Eli were sitting in the booth in booster seats and Asa got really frustrated and yelled "Momma, get me outta here, this thing is givin' me a wedgie!" Yelled it right in the middle of Pizza Inn. Hilarious.

Amy and I painted ALL DAY yesterday. The guest room and the hallway and her office. Looks great but we're both hurtin' today.
The boys are on their way to a friends house right now so we're hopin to hit the beach or something.
Anyways, good to be back... haha. :)
I still have to blog about the MS Retreat. It was SO good.


carolineb said...

Come home to me my little pumpkin.

AmyFritch said...

Where in the world are you? Are you THAT busy?????

Annie said...

You're a blog quitter, is what you are. A quitog.