Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Hobby

No, not cornhole... that's an old hobby. Though I almost beat dad the other day. Don't tell him I told you cause no one has ever beat him.

So... let me tell you of a new hobby I have developed over the past month or so. It's called 'track and field'. A highschool sport, yes. Why? you ask. We'll track and field is very exciting, fun to watch, the team is good, and I maybe have taken a certian interest in their coachy-coach. :)
But seriously, we went to Augusta this past weekend to an Invitational at Augusta Prep and our boys team took first and girls took second. They did AWESOME. Several kids broke their PR's. (personal record - for those who are not track and field savy) Including Andrew Riess and Hillary Davis who are pole vaulters. Their pictures are at the bottom... probably my favorite event to watch. As well as the 4 by 1.
Anyways, that's my new hobby. If you ever get the urge to come with, let me know!
It's crazy fun...
Wanna hear something else crazy? The Fritchmans were in Augusta last weekend visiting Amy's parents... so random! They came by to see us. They make everything fun.

Chatting w/ Coach.

Awww... buddies. TP and Coach.

Do we smile? Do we ignore? I dunno...

Hillary breaking her PR.

Andrew matching his PR... 1st jump!

Weeeee are the champions!
Boys with their 1ST PLACE trophy.


AmyFritch said...

Did you say coachy-coach? 'Cause that's what I read.

Sooooooo good to see you (again!)And an added bonus to visiting the rentals.

brett said...

I'm pretty sure my favorite expression is Daniel Riess's face in the last picture... it's great!

Jennie B said...

That's one cute coachy-coach.

JustMe said...

ahhh stupid last photo

Jeff Peeples, MAT, MS said...

Coachy-coach?!?! I think the octopus picture made me less nauseated.