Thursday, March 1, 2007

Oh the flu... we love you. (NOT!)

Well, now moma b's got it... oh great.
She finally agreed to go to the doctor today and they confirmed it. So more perscriptions and steroids for the b girls. Yuck. But it's good to have a friend to be sick with... as aweful as that sounds. We will get better together. Take care of eachother. John-John's the only one who hasn't gotten sick yet. Pray it stays that way. Mikie B is super-duper busy all the time and recovering from the flu-like cold he had early this week. All this to say - stay far far away! :)
Lots of funny things said when you have a fever and on lots of cold drugs though... ask my T.A.'s at Dominion about Tuesday. I should start writing them down. Probably only funny to me though. Anyways, thanks for your prayers and comments on mom's blog. (Tatum, Amy and Ryan-hilarious). They made me smile. Goodnight, and I'm praying that you NEVER get this crap... it's bad. Love!
Annie - Do good tomorrow speaking at Cornerstone. You always do. I wish I could be there!


Annie said...

Flu is for the birds. Maybe that's why it's called the bird flu?
Wish you were coming tomorrow- but why don't you just stay home and sit under the waterfall of healing.
Love you. More.

carolineb said...

I'm not dead yet, I'm feeling much better. I think I'd like to go for a walk.
-MP and the HG