Monday, January 15, 2007

Cake walk.

"There's something deeply satisfying about eating piles of junk food while watching other people exercise." -Loralie Gilmore

So Marie Claire and I decided to be good on our day off and get up semi-early and go walking at the mountain. We met at Grace community church and walked all along Kennesaw Avenue and to the Guest Center and back... pretty good trek if you ask me. I was proud.
So when we're done we get in the car and have some time to kill before we have to meet mom at the Tea shop. We decide to go back to my house to get some water. Upon entering the kitchen, there sits on the counter 4 slices of chocolate cake just waiting to be consumed. Are you kidding? Did we care about our efforts to get up and excercise and be healthy? Of course not! We happily sat on the deck and enjoyed the attempt. All calories burnt came back double.
I loved it... so good.
Now I'm gonna go eat the other 2 slices. :)


marie-claire said...

Cake walk = stupid word.

walking, then eating cake = whammy.

Katie B said...

Awww, c'mon MC... it's like musical chairs except you win a cake at the end!