Saturday, January 6, 2007

Conspiracy Theory?

Poor Annie... her right ear still hasn't popped since she stepped off the airplane from Ghana.
You know that annoying feeling like you have water in your ear and it shifts around and drives you NUTS. Well, we made her our little experiament today. Dad got these ear candles for Christmas from Jeanne (who else?) and we thought we would try and see if it would help Annies clog problem. Experts say, you light the end, and it draws the wax out of your ear. It acts like a chimney. Other experts and non-believers say, it's all CRAP. Which is it? Seriously, if you know anything about it let us know because we had a fight about it.
But here are some pic's of sweet Annie letting us put something on fire in her ear...

"Did it work?", you ask...
Well, no. Nor did the rubbing alcohol.
But it made for some great pic's! :)
Love you Annie. May your ears be healed tonight while you are sleeping, in the mighty healing name of Jesus!


carolineb said...

It's total crap and may even be dangerous. You know, now that we've done it to Annie and all.

Annie said...

I think everyone should know that the picture of Caroline holding the candle is a "simulated ear". That's key.
Dangerous? I can handle. Crap in my ear? Not so much.

Katie B said...

Things overheard at the ear-candle party:
"It seems so wrong" -Ashley
"But it feels so good" -Emily.