Thursday, January 25, 2007


What a cool city!
It was fun and refreshing to be spontanious and jump in the car and head to Tennessee with moma. I'm not a spontanious person, but with prompting and a little force I'm never sorry I was... It wasn't all fun though, our hearts were heavy as we road through the prettiest country from Georgia to Tennessee. (reference from 'days go by' by Keith Urban - who we listened to the ENTIRE way and back) We were surrounded on all four sides by 18-wheelers. One semi had a spray-paintned picture of 'Plankton' (from SpongeBob Square Pants) on the back... that was funny. (picture at bottom) We also saw snow flakes Saturday morning. A definite hilight for me, I LOVE snow. Wish it would snow here in lame ole' Georgia.
It was sooo good to see the Arnolds. They came to see us several weeks ago but Katherine has grown too sick to travel. We've been keeping up daily with her blog and emails, but this week was especially hard for them and we wanted to lay eyes on her ourselves! Sharliss (K's mom) and Katherine have made that hospital room their home. They are giving her a week or so to "rest" before they start more chemo. She has a feeding tube they take in and out as needed. But this morning she drank a vanilla latte and bananna bread we brought from Starbucks with no nausia. That was a good sign. She's gained a little weight this week which is also great.
Her brother Will was in town from Athens. She loves it when her brothers come in town. Will took me to lunch in downtown Nashville and I got to see some of the city, but I would def. LOVE to go back there someday and stay longer. It'd be fun to go stay with a local (Kev & Mandy!) and let them show you all the cool places to eat and hear live music. It's a really old, charming city. Big beautiful old churches on every corner. Gorgeous HUGE houses on every hill and farms everywhere. Really cool. I didn't see anyone famous but David (K's dad) said he's seen Nicole Kidman-Urban walking into the movie theatre before... wow. I love her husband. Mom and I decided he could sing "poop on a stick" and we would still love him.
Keep Katherine Jane in your prayers as she fights and wins this battle of cancer. And read her story if you have a second and need some perspective. Makes you realize what's really important and to value your family and friends.


tatum said...

i'm not even a little bit surprised that we're the same. :) i'm glad you enjoyed nashville as much as one could in that situation. i'm praying for sweet katherine. poor thing.

Katie B said...

Hah, I'm not either... You're just a little more compassionate and patient than me. :)
Thanks for the prayers.