Friday, January 12, 2007

Very Cool Cousins.

I have some... Nathan and Sam.
They're both in bands.
Sam plays base guitar in "love takes flight" and Nate plays guitar in the "chris orr band". I think they're really great and I'm really proud of them.

I went to Vineyard Community Church tonight to see Sam play. It was really fun.
The rest of the band was cool too.
Here are some pictures.

Right before the show
at the "merch" table...

Sam's friend Stephen 'skates'.
Always looks like he's up to something...

Sam bein' awesome.

And a few weeks ago I went to Macon to see Nathan and the Chris Orr band play for Y.E.C. Nate was so good. I even got to hear him sing a little. I didn't know you could do that cuz!
I can't find where I saved those stinkin pictures though.
I'll keep looking...


carolineb said...

those are some beautiful proud can you be of nephews?very.

Jennie B said...

Katie, you are such a good cousin. I wish you were my cousin.