Monday, February 5, 2007

Kindergarten Day

So it's "Spirit Week" here at good ole Dominion...
Today's theme is 'Kindergarden Day'. So cute right? Original and colorful. Lots of pigtales and polka-dots. Shorts and tube socks. What I had no idea about when I woke up this morning and put on the big yellow hairbow, was that I'd actually be putting on an attitude like a 4 year old. Seriously, the copier jammed this morning - and I threw an actual temper tantrum. It's all gone downhill since then. I should take the bow off but then I would have no excuse for the attitude problem.


tatum said...

i was like that pretty much all week last week. but i didn't have a bow. i wish i did.

i'm jealous of your st. simons weekend. i better get to go with you one of those free days you have this summer!!!!

Katie B said...

And you'd better go with me!
I think I'm gonna spend a lot of August there, so c'mawn!

laurakirkland said...

I bet you were as beautiful as always...even with that yellow bow in your hair.

Hey, my parents' is gawn be empty for my mom's Spring Break if you want to come wid' me and the kids to SSI. They have 5 recliners in one room with a flat screen tv over the mantel.. But the beach is nice, too! And they have a pool.. we could go and work on arranging Zoe's marriage to E..