Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ski Trip - Day 2

Oh, day two. Where to begin?!
Maybe with breakfast... we made waffles on Moma B's waffle iron. The slopes opened at 9am and we hit them not long after. We had a few first-timers with us (Emily, Sasha and Cam-sorta) so we started off with the greens. Mal took some hilarious video footage of some awesome wipe-outs. Cam couldn't keep from going like 90 miles an hour and the only thing that could stop him was a tree. Emily, on the other hand liked to use small children to break her fall. Sasha had the most grace in her attempts at stopping but her getting on the ski lift was humorous. It started snowing about 11 and hasn't stopped yet. Ryan, Mal and Wes took off to be crazy on the black diamonds. When the slopes closed at four we all joined back at the lodge and thawed out. We heated up the chilie Nance made us and listened to James Taylor (i love him) and shared funny stories from our day. I just love being here with these kids. I truly adore each and every one of them TO DEATH. They're each so different and awesome and FUNNY. After dinner we headed over to Silver Creek to go tubing (thanks Laura!) but by the time we stood in line, and then realized it was the wrong line and got in the right one, all the tickets were sold out. But we made the best of it and had a snow fight, no - more like snow massacre, on the side of the tubing hill for about an hour. SO fun. We decided when we got back home that it would be a good idea to go to find a hot tub and get warm again, but it cost like $6 a person and we're feeling cheap so came back home and watched a movie. We're looking forward to tomorrow and all the hundreds of more memories we will make. But right now the boys are trying to sleep in the living room and I'm being annoying at the kitchen bar typing. The girls are giggling in the back. I'm gonna go see what they're up to... So, until tomorrow!

The view from our back balcony.

Oh HECK yes.
The awesome 80's ski clothes I promised...

THE girls

Beautiful Ryan

Marie and Ashley

Us - NOT tubing

Wesley Cole

Us - still not tubing, but rather making snow angels and snowball fighting.
Marie and Mal on the left and Emily 'snow angel' on the right.

We love Jesus.


Annie said...

Jealous. That's all.

laurakirkland said...

OMG.. shut up! Does that psycadelic hat have "RAD AIR" knitted into it? Ya'lls face are beautiful!
Snow fights are probably more fun than tubing anyway.