Monday, February 19, 2007

Ski Trip - Day 4

Home, sweet home.
It's good to be back... I'm not gonna lie, I'm excited to sleep in my own bed tonight. What a great trip though! So many laughs and fun memories. Mal and Ash made a video last night with short clips and a slideshow, really funny. Actually, we'll prob. be the only ones that will think so, but hey! We'll try and post it in the next few days for you (Annie).
Today we woke up and the snow had stopped. It was sunny and fresh powder laid like icing on everything outside. Beautiful. Not to mention it would have been the most P-E-R-F-E-C-T ski day EVER. But it was good for traveling, too. We'll that's a lie, but we tread down the mountain with our 4-wheel drive on at about 20 miles an hour. Kinda scary, but we made it! It turned out to be the perfect weekend for our trip. We couldn't have made it without the protection of our Heavenly Father. And the prayers of everyone back home. And the awesome 80's ski clothes and all the delicious food made and snacks helped too!
Anyway, I'm sure you'll hear all about it nonstop for the next month... but now I'm going to (not unpack like I should) watch Grey's Anatomy that I tivoed before we left. :)


laurakirkland said...

Yay, glad you are back. Funny, I was wondering if yall had returned safely and I checked this at 10.55 before going to bed.. 10min after you posted! It was good news. Funny about the burner covers. When I took Martha Bowman youth to Snowshoe one time, we had major issues.. Many pranks and most motivated by me (that was not good) One thing we did was We stole all the boys boxers, froze them and hung them on a line outside.... Anyway, I'm on to bigger and better things now...smashing grapes on the floor, tickle fighting, drawing on bare skin with markers, you know. Are you available Thursday afternoon to sit for a couple of hours while I go shop at Born Again Blessings? (Zoe will be napping mainly)
Also, Maybe send me your email so I don't have to post this for all to see.... haha

marie-claire said...

I love YOU.

And your mary-janes.