Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mmmmmmm... bed.

I'm hesitating to get into bed because I know I won't get out of it. The hardest thing I do every day is get out of bed in the morning.
Is anybody with me? Sleeping in is the greatest!
But on days that I have the opportunity to sleep in (I LOVE THURSDAYS) I always make plans to get up early and walk with Marie or go to the Mart or Target with friends.
Why is that? When I'm forced to walk up at a certain time, it's almost impossible to; when it's my choice, I can do it no problem. It's cause I'm so unbestinkinlievably stubborn - that's why.
It's one thing that I HATE about myself. When it's someone else's idea, it's ok, then later - the same idea is mine... it's great! (That was mostly directed to/about my dad - He's always right... and I hate it. But I love it too. But I hate it.) Human nature = sucky. Glad we weren't made for this world.
Alright, to bed... and I WILL be on time to work tomorrow.
(crossing fingers)


carolineb said...

I love sleep.

AmyFritch said...

I would sleep in everyday for hours if I could... I think that stops permanently upon the arrival of your first child.

emily-cathryn said...

this morning my whole motivation for getting up to go to school and not "forgetting to set my alarm" (which happened monday) was a ski trip i happen to be going on. i leave friday, you should come.

emily-cathryn said...

m-a-r-i-e-tt-a something something and we are the best... i dont know but its awesome.

nysewanders said...

B, don't have kids... getting up will never be your idea again. That is unless you can tell your brain that having kids was your idea, knowing waking up early was a part of it, thus waking up really is YOUR idea. It could work!