Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ski Trip - Day 3

We got a little more sleep in last night. Soreness and tiredness kicking in slowly... but it definitely didn't hold us back from having the best day ever. I can feel this post is going to get long, so just be warned.
I woke up at about 7:30 and stumbled into the kitchen to get breakfast and coffee started. Ash was second up. I was putting eggs in the waffle mix and dropped three on the floor. I tried to ignore them as if they would go away, but then others started to wake up and I figured I should clean it up. Egg is not easy to clean up... especially on a floor with lots of creases.
Anyway! We got out there around 9:30 and wasted no time owning the mountain. Emily ran into another kid snowboarding. Well.... a close call at least. We split up into three groups - greens, blues, and blacks. Marie, Ash, Mal, and I went to the blues. On the way up the lift Marie and I were next to this lady from up north somewhere. I don't know her name, but if I had to guess I would say it's Chatty Cathy. She told us everything about her and I don't think either of us said a one word. Poor thing, she had a lot of words inside! I tried to be polite and did the fake, 'oh, yeah' and 'uh-huh' and 'oh wow'... she kept going. I know her better than my mom now. All in the 10 minute lift ride to the top.
Then met back up for lunch at 1:30. It's significantly colder today. Wicked cold, even. And the snow is falling thicker and thicker. Stings your face when you're flying down the mountain fast. It's so sparkly though. We had a lazy afternoon in anticipation of a crazy evening of night skiing. Ryan and I went to the store to get stuff for dinner. Then we all watched Lady in the Water (my favorite-thanks guys!). We made frozen pizzas and mac & cheese for dinner. I turned on the stove to heat up the water for the noodles, I moved cute decorative stove toppers to the back burner and later smelled this aweful burning smell... well, I had turned on the wrong burner and the cute decorative stove covers were melting. Not good. Ryan tried to fix them, but they're ruined. So sad. I already emailed Creola (owner) and alerted her we broke one of her spatulas. Oh geez...
Well, we decided against night skiing and decided to try tubing again. This time we called ahead and reserved 9 tickets to avoid the sell-out problem of last night. Cam, Wes, and I took our rental stuff back and met the rest of the group at the tubing hill. We had SO much fun... if you've never been tubing before, well you should. After like the 5th run, I'm riding up the lift sitting on my tube sprawled out singing "She blinded me with science" with Marie who is one tube behind me. All of the sudden I have a horrible thought - "Did I ever take that last pizza out of the oven?!" CRAP (%*#*@*), NO! "Marie, did I turn the oven off before I left?" Marie - "Uh, I dunno". So I get off the lift and run back down the hill to look for Ryan cause he has my keys. The tubing hill safty man says, "Mam, is there something I can assist you with?" All that could come out of my mouth was, "Fire, pizza, Ryan, keys!" He was so confused, but I kept running. I grabbed them and Marie and we raced home to see. The worst possible thoughts were going through my head. The complex has burned down or at least our condo is in flames. I don't know how we didn't die on the way cause I was driving like an absolute maniac. Remember, it's a blizzard... I can't see more than 5 feet in front of me. We finally reach the complex and Marie and I jump out and unlock the door. No smoke or anything. It didn't even smell like anything was burning. I opened up the oven door and sitting there was a hard, black, hot pizza. Thank you Jesus. No fire, no smoke, not even a bad smell. Amazing.
Soon after, the rest of the crew stumbled in completely horrified at our crazy exit of the hill and wondering what in the heck is going on... glad to find us safe and sound and the hard black object that was to be our dinner sitting on top of the stove cooling off. So scary. But so relieved it's over. It's still not very funny to me... but it may be one day.
So we packed a little and cleaned a little. It's still a blizzard outside. I don't know how on earth we can leave in this weather tomorrow. It's supposed to stop snowing soon and be sunny tomorrow. I hope that's true. We'll have a lazy morning tomorrow and wait it out.
Oh, and today we ran out of toilet paper... or at least we can't find where Creola keeps the extra rolls. So we had to make a TP run as well. That was interesting.
Mal has some amazing video footage of our whole trip... she and Ash are making a video as I'm sitting by the fire (VERY cautiously - remember, not my day with fire) and I can tell it will be SO good. Especially when she led us down a steep blue and Ash, Marie, and I were going 90 miles an hour, screaming and peeing in our pants at how not-in-control we were of our legs.

Ry tryin to scrape the black stuff off the stove covers... not working.

My close call to burning down the house.
This was really not my day with fire.

The hallway outside our door...

The tahoe's - laiden with snow.

Some awesome action shots from today.

The tubing hill...


Jennie B said...

Hey Honey - don't you worry about those decorative burner covers. It serves her right for not even trying to change her name.... CREOLA????? Sounds like a crayon from Louisiana. Enough already.

Annie said...

1)Mmmm.....burned pizza. So delicious.
2)When can we see the video?
3) I love Aunt Jennifer.

brett said...

Nice... We've all burned a few pizzas in our life. Just be happy Dwight Schrute wasn't there...
Katie started the Fire!
Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe. KATIE STARTED THE FIRE!
sounds like you guys had a good time...

Katie B said...

Haha, that's awesome!

marie-claire said...

I mean, it's a miracle we're alive right now.